One of the most challenging parts of the cleaning job; it is, most of the times, neglected. We take that in consideration and all our staff is trained to give special attention to those areas, no matter if it is floor corners, counter top corners, sink corners, or any other relevant ones. 

  • Dust

  • Spots

  • PC monitor

  • Keyboard

  • Telephone

  • Printer

  • Used mugs 


• Glass stains

• Frame dust

• Rain marks 



• Stain removal

• Spot removal
• Dust hoovering

• Mold removal

• Perfumed scent 

We take pride in our attention-to-detail solutions. They include all that is required to complete the cleaning job to the highest standards, always keeping our clients' expectations in mind.
We continuously assess the level of cleanliness via random onsite audits, which give our clients access to our audit results. This will provide a great customer experience and maintain the com 

We specialize in:

  • Office cleaning

  • Store cleaning

  • House cleaning

  • House keeping

  • Tenancy pre-inspection cleaning

  • End-of-tenancy 

Office cleaning

Audit points:

  • Carpet hoovering

  • Stain removal

  • Spots removal

  • Dust cleaning

  • Hand rail polishing 

  • Doors and handles sanitizing

  • Toilet seat sanitizing

  • Tap sanitizing

  • Mirrors

  • Floor

  • Paper refill

  • Hand gel refill

  • Air freshener 


• Counter top sanitizing

• Floor sanitizing
• Hand towels refill
• Sink sanitizing

• Dish washing

• Dish storage 

  • Handles sanitising

  • Class polishing

  • Shoulder dust removal

  • Foot marks removal

  • antistatic treatment