Carpet  Cleaning

After a day of work, offices, stores and restaurants often require extensive cleaning on the carpets and rugs to prepare the facilities for the following day. Did you know that the bacteria in your floor after a month without cleaning can be more then double than the one in a public toilet? Also your home needs this treatment and it is recommended that it is carried out, at least, once a month. Even more if you have children that play on the floor, since the risk of diseases like E-coli and Salmonella are outrageously high.

At WSC we provide professional and efficient carpet cleaning services to quickly get your venue back into tip-top condition. 

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The carpet cleaning jobs includes:

  • Stains and marks removal

  • Carpet washing machine

  • Detergent for any type of stain removal

  • Mold removal

  • Fresh and perfumed scents